Single-tooth Dental Implants

Dr. Bruce Watkins provides single-tooth dental implants at our office in Elkhart, IN, for patients who have had a single tooth pulled or lost. It is important to replace a missing tooth to prevent jawbone atrophy and to preserve the health of the remaining natural teeth. 

A dental implant for a single tooth may be placed after a tooth extraction or if the tooth is lost. The procedure can be performed on its own or incorporated into more complex treatment like full mouth reconstruction. Replacement with an implant prevents damage to the remaining natural teeth and preserves bone tissue in the jaw and your overall facial structure. During a consultation, Dr. Watkins will determine if this treatment is right for you.

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Candidates for Single-tooth Implants

Patients in need of a tooth extraction may be candidates for a single-tooth dental implant following the extraction. If a patient has lost a tooth that could not be reattached, he or she may also qualify for a single-tooth implant. Patients’ gums must be healthy and any other oral conditions should be addressed prior to implant placement. Patients should also be in overall good health and be dedicated to practicing proper oral hygiene habits.

Single-tooth Dental Implant Placement

If Dr. Watkins has determined that you need to have a tooth pulled, he can perform the extraction and implant placement in the same appointment at Watkins Family Dentistry. First, your tooth will be loosened and removed by Dr. Watkins. He will then use our GALILEOS® CBCT 3D scanner to map out the precise placement of your implant. The use of this technology helps ensure a successful procedure with long-term benefits.

With same-day placement, you don’t have to worry about any loss of function or a compromised appearance during a long healing period.

During surgery, Dr. Watkins will place the implant at the treatment site. An additive may be used to help stimulate healing and bone growth. Once your implant is placed, your new crown will be crafted in our office using CEREC® technology. When your crown is ready, it will be attached to your implant with either an abutment or dental cement. Over the course of several months following your procedure, your implant will integrate with your jawbone through a process called osseointegration. You should avoid putting too much pressure on the crown and implant during this time.

Benefits of a Single-tooth Implant

The cost of a single-tooth implant is significantly less than multiple implants for an implant-supported bridge or dentures. Single-tooth implants and crowns can be placed immediately following a tooth extraction, making the treatment process quick and convenient. With same-day placement, you don’t have to worry about any loss of function or changes to your appearance. Most importantly, it preserves the health of your remaining natural teeth and your jawbone. Your crown will maintain the alignment of your neighboring teeth, while the implant preserves the health of your jaw.

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If you are missing a single tooth and want to find out if a single-tooth implant is right for you, contact Watkins Family Dentistry to schedule your appointment. This treatment can quickly restore your smile and preserve your oral health. 

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