Enjoy a Comfortable Dental Treatment Using Oral Conscious Sedation

The dental team at Watkins Family Dentistry has a solution for patients who are anxious or nervous about an upcoming dental procedure: oral conscious sedation. Dr. Bruce Watkins in Elkhart, IN, can provide you with a prescription drug that induces a safe and lasting feeling of calm throughout your dental treatment. Our dental practice also serves nearby Granger, IN and Mishawaka, IN.

Benefits of Oral Conscious Sedation

It is estimated that up to 15 percent of Americans suffer from dental phobia. If you have been avoiding dental care due to anxiety, Dr. Watkins can prescribe medication to meet your needs, helping you to achieve deep relaxation throughout your treatment. You will experience a state of near-sleep in which you will remain able to answer questions or respond to requests, but you probably won't remember treatment after it has been completed.

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Patients who undergo oral conscious sedation at our Elkhart dental practice can benefit from:

  • A more efficient treatment
  • A relaxing and comfortable dental procedure
  • Relief from the symptoms of dental phobia

Even patients with severe cases of dental phobia have the opportunity to undergo important restorative treatments with the aid of oral conscious sedation. Dr. Watkins believes that dental phobia should not stand between you and optimal oral health. 

"Such a great place to go. All the staff is super friendly. They take there time to make sure everything is the way it should be. Dr. Watkins explains what he is doing and is very knowledgeable." - Amanda M.

Are You a Candidate?

During your consultation at our Elkhart dental practice, Dr. Watkins will determine if you are a candidate for oral conscious sedation. This process involves a discussion of your medical history, current medications, and comfort goals. Candidates for oral conscious sedation often have a low pain threshold and a history of dental-related anxiety. Patients who are undergoing a lengthy treatment are also good candidates for this safe and effective sedation option. Many patients who suffer from arthritis find that this treatment helps them to feel far more comfortable receiving treatment.

Candidates should not be pregnant or have risk factors for allergic reactions. 

Your comfort matters to us, and we are here to do whatever we can to make your experience under our care the best it can be. 

How Is Oral Conscious Sedation Administered?

Once your candidacy for oral conscious sedation is established, Dr. Watkins will give you a prescription for a sedative pill. You will take the pill one hour (unless prescribed otherwise) before your treatment. By the time you are ready for your procedure, the relaxing effects of the sedation will be in full effect. Throughout the procedure, patients are able to hear Dr. Watkins and to follow instructions. Following your treatment, you will need to arrange for someone to drive you home. Most patients report being in a conscious but tranquil state while the sedative effects wear off. Side effects of oral conscious sedation can include short-term memory loss. Although rare, some patients may experience temporary nausea.

Enjoy the Relaxing Effects of Sedation Dentistry 

Your comfort matters to us, and we are here to do whatever we can to make your experience under our care the best it can be. If you have a lengthy or invasive treatment scheduled, we can help determine if oral conscious sedation is right for you. To schedule your next visit, please contact our office online or call (574) 293-9832.

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