Brighten Your Smile Affordably with Teeth Whitening

As a preferred provider for Lumineers, it was only natural that we integrate their in-office teeth whitening and bleaching system as our preferred technology for brightening teeth. This patented system delivers maximum whitening power in a minimum of time, and our patients just love the results.

The advantage of “The Sapphire Whitening System” is its extremely powerful Sapphire Plasma Arc Light. The company calls it “The Power Conversion Technology” and it works to form a powerful beam of light that can achieve noticeably whiter teeth, often in only 30 minutes or less, when used together with its potent pro-grade whitening gel. Independent research has clearly demonstrated the superior strength and performance capability of the Sapphire System when tested against other lights and systems.

Curious how it works? 

Well, it’s a bit technical but nothing we can’t explain to you in simple terms. Over time, various compounds form stains and discoloration on your teeth. By applying the Sapphire Bleaching Gel we initiate a process of light absorption, which in turn creates a process that attacks the colored compounds that create stains and discoloration. The Sapphire Plasma Arc Light accelerates the process by exciting the light-activated materials, which results in faster and stronger bleaching.

How is the procedure done?

It is a simple and straightforward approach. First, protective measures are taken to minimize gum exposure and irritation. Then the professional-grade 35% Hydrogen Peroxide gel is applied to the teeth. At that point we are ready to further activate the whitening process by the use of The Sapphire Plasma Arc Light.

How long does it take?

In many cases, this powerful system can get achieve a noticeable whitening of 3 shades or more in 30 minutes or less. However, everyone’s mouth is different and in some cases it may be necessary to extend the time or to schedule a second treatment. In some resistive cases we may recommend follow-up home treatments to achieve a fuller result.

Is it painful?

For most patients there is little sensitivity associated with “The Sapphire Whitening System.” Although it is one of the gentlest of systems this does not mean that some patients will not experience sensitivity or bursts of discomfort that some call “zingers.” The process of activating the stain-producing compounds can result in discomfort and  sensitivity–especially in the 24 hours following the treatment. In most cases this discomfort is easily controlled with an OTC product such as Motrin or Advil. In any case, we are there to assist you with what is normally a very short-lived discomfort, if any at all.

Call us today for further information and be sure to ask about our “Bleaching for Life” special offer.

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