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LUMINEERS® Give You a Beautiful, Symmetrical Smile Fast

Before and after photographs of a patient who received LUMINEERS® treatment.Lumineers are the answer to achieving a bright, great looking smile without pain and without extensive, tiring dental work. In most cases you are only two visits away from a “model” smile and amazing teeth.

Your smile is a big part of looking good. It is often the first thing that people notice when we meet. A smile creates a lasting impression, and many studies have shown that physical appearance often leaves a deeper impression than what we have to say.

Stop suffering from discolored teeth, poor gums or damaged teeth. Great teeth are can be yours, give us a call and in no time at all we’ll give you plenty of reasons to smile!

Dr Bruce, I just want to thank you for giving me a life changing smile! After 50 years of hiding my dingy teeth with gaps, I finally decided to do something about it. After consulting with 3 dentists, I am so pleased that I decided on you and Lumineers to fix my smile! You and your staff were incredible throughout the entire process! The finished product is outstanding and even I can’t tell them from the real thing! I did not tell anyone that I was having this done and it is so cool to watch family and friends look at me with this curious look and then ask… have you lost weight? Are you working out? You look really good today ;) You have given me a wonderful gift and my wife and I are very grateful! God bless!
Tim Miller | A Happy Elkhart Patient

Lumineers-A Beautiful Smile Can Be Yours in Just Two Painless Visits

Looking for a beautiful smile without the pain and tooth reduction that traditional veneers require? With Lumineers, creating a beautiful, dazzling smile is simple, fast and miraculous.

Here’s how it works, a veneer is a layer that is custom-created for your mouth and tailored to fit each tooth. The result is a permanent and natural-looking white smile. The veneer covers the defects, discolorations, chips, cracks and stains that blemish our teeth. With this simple, but powerful, technique you no longer have to suffer with oddly shaped or permanently discolored teeth. You can say goodbye to unsightly fillings or damaged teeth.

Lumineers are a huge improvement upon the traditional approach to veneers.

The traditional approach has been to severely grind the teeth down to pointed posts, like cat’s teeth, and then custom veneers (covers) are molded and bonded to each tooth. The end result looks great, but the process can be painful, tiring and removes a lot of the tooth. This approach is irreversible as so much of the tooth has been cut down that it is no longer functional without the veneer.

Lumineers are easier, safer, faster and less expensive. Yet they still deliver that perfect smile people expect from veneers. Lumineers can transform a smile and corrects conditions such as:

  • Chipped, cracked and damaged teeth
  • Crooked, spaced (think gaps) and misshapen teeth
  • Stained and discolored teeth
  • Many teeth straightening issues
  • Freshen up old bridge work
  • Take a nice, normal smile and make it a great smile!

And best of all, with Lumineers there are no shots required and no drilling or shaving of the tooth. A light etching on the surface, to provide grip, is all that is required. This means that they are easy, quick and painless to install, giving you a beautiful, new smile that will last for years and years.

Transforming your smile can be done in just 2 easy visits. First, we make a precision, custom mold and determine a natural color and shade match for your teeth. Then the second visit where we check the fit and color. If everything works then the Lumineers are painlessly and quickly installed. In no time at all, you are proudly flashing a new smile to the world!

As a cosmetic dentistry clinic we absolutely love the ease and quality that Lumineers provide. We know that you and the world around you will love them too.

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