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Dental Care for Your Whole Family

Our purpose at Watkins Dental Clinic covers several areas:

  • We treat our patients to restore the condition of their teeth to a healthy and functional state
  • We diagnose problems with teeth, gums and related tissue, determine effective treatment and then correct the problem
  • We apply the full range of dental techniques to create attractive, beautiful and bright smiles
  • We deliver high-quality and caring preventative treatments, along with regular check-ups to prevent future problems, or to find and treat a problem as early as possible

Our Mission is to see that all of our patients have healthy, happy, functional teeth that they are proud of and look great.

As a general practitioner we take great pride in being a comprehensive dental clinic. That means that we are able to cover the vast majority of any dental service you are likely to need. And for those few occasions where an outside specialist might be needed, we have a long-term, established set of respected and trustworthy practitioners that we have monitored and that we continue to work with very closely.

Our Facility

Our new facility was built in 2012 on the Riverwalk. To ensure that highest level of quality and care to current and future patients we realized that we needed to build a suitable clinic from the ground up. That way we could design and layout a space that would be exactly what our patients need for a comfortable, relaxed and efficient dental experience. We are proud, and relieved, to have finally completed this milestone. We now occupy a beautiful, custom-built dental clinic located at 205 E. Jackson Ave in Elkhart, Indiana.

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